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About me:
~ Call me Meg/Keiko-chan. I behave like a seven year old kid with an intellectual maturity of your grandmother. Yes, childlike if you might say.
~ I'm from the Philippines, so I could only understand two languages: Filipino and English though I could comprehend Japanese a little, so please do use either of the two languages on your comments.
~ I like reading a lot, from classic to contemporary. I literally stick my nose to a book whenever, well that's when I'm not blogging. My favorite writers are: Jane Austen; empowered women+romance is the reason why I love her novels, Paolo Coelho; his word play in all of his books are impressive, Khaled Hosseini; his writings would open your mind and take you to a place in reality that you could never imagine.
~ Aside from reading, I love writing; poems and articles are ones I mostly write.
~ I'm a clean freak; disorganized things make me sick.
~ And the most important thing that you need to know is "I'm MOODY"

~ This journal is both for personal and fandom.
~ Created years after watching Hanazakari, I'm a Toma baited fan, but you can only find two post regarding him.
~ Now addicted to ARASHI particularly Ninomiya Kazunari; I simply love him in all different angles.
~ I flail over Jun sometimes too, especially his short hair.
~ Arashi posts are either public or locked after a few days.
~ I don't add empty journal, unless I often talk to you around lj.

Active Communities:
~ artemis_file101 arashi related files (raw/subbed)
~ ouano_niji graphics community (various artists).
~ kiroii_niji a flailing community, where you can see Nino's 365days a year.

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Happy 5x17

Originally posted by keiko_artemis at Happy 5x17

These five amazing guys gives us the Power of the Paradise, and I ,as one of the million fans, am thankful that they continue to be humble and hard-working. They truly come a long way, as Nino has said from previous interview - they had been scolded and told that they wouldn't even get to 5th anniversary, but they had surpassed 5 years and proven to everyone that they deserve to be number one. And that they are on the top not because of just the number of tickets and CDs sold, but because they are truly loved by fans, and respected by people in-general. So, Happy 5x17 Anniversary Arashi, and to us fans!


On the side note: this community is giving away arashi logo stickers - head out to this link or click the face of your iichiban above.

Jun's Birthday Giveaway!

Please click the link and comment at the original post!

Originally posted by keiko_artemis at Jun's Birthday Giveaway!

I'm here for another giveaway, this time for "J" birthday - he's special to Nino in my head (matsumiya for the win). And just because why not? *lol* The mechanics would be almost the same as Nino's birthday giveaway.


  1. Leave a comment below - that's your entry. Tell me something trivial about Jun or why you like him.

  2. One username = one entry.

  3. The actual draw lots will be on August 30, 2016, in time for Jun's birthday.

  4. You are willing to send me your fullname and complete address upon winning - PM for privacy.

  5. It will be sent via snail mail, my apologize, postage/shipping in my country is expensive, so yeah.

Here's the sample of the sticker giveaway

If you have any question/s, let me know in the comment box as well. I hope you'll like this giveaway whatnot, and tell me if I should continue this for the other Arashi members as well.


[SELLING} Arashi Stickers (Philippines Only)

Hi fellow Filipino fans,

Do you like to decorate your planner and note of Arashi? or any other things that you own? I have a cute arashi stickers for you. I sketched individual arashi member fanart and turned them into stickers, it was for personal use and giveaway for my friends. But I thought that some of you would like to get your own, since I got feedbacks of how cute they are. So, I decided to sell and share the cuteness. Sample stickers would be posted under the cut. If your interested, please PM me.

*Disclaimer: Not an original sketch
Stickers Sold separately.

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Price: Php50/sheet
30-35 stickers per sheet
Php60 Metro Manila
Php100 Provincial(Outside Metro Manila)

I also accept personalized stickers for Arashi, just send a picture that you would like for the sticker.


Originally posted by keiko_artemis at Congratulations!!!

Hello lovelies,

There are two things to celebrate today:

First things first, Happy Birthday to our dear Nino - 33 years old but still looking great. Still can't believe that he's actually in his thirties, but i must admit we love him more as he grows old and his craft just keeps better and better. I mean winning best actor for Haha to Kuraseba - bravo! - so proud of him ( though I still need to watch it, do forgive me).

Secondly, I finally able to face the work that I intend to do last week - the winner of the giveaway. I used a webtool called miniwebtool to select the winner.

Congratulations to tush_jp. Please PM your address, so I can send the stickers to you.

Before I end this post, I want to thank the active members and friends who are still here, supporting the love for NIno. I really appreciate your comments, and glad that you are happy that I'm back here in livejournal.

- Meg

aiba-maji de

Minna ohisashiburi!(みんな お久しぶり) + GIVEAWAY!!!

Originally posted by keiko_artemis at Minna ohisashiburi!(みんな お久しぶり) + GIVEAWAY!!!
Hi everyone! *nervous wave*

It's been so long, more than a year has passed since the community had been active (the last post was April 15,2014), and I don't know whether the people who joined kiroii_niji are still active in using their livejournal account. Honestly, I thought of thinking of purging the account already, but when I think of the hardwork that was put on this communtiy for almost 4 years - it breaks my heart. So, I decided that I'll try to post occasionally until I get the proper rhythm again of using livejournal and download what I've missed for nearly two years of my hiatus, but there'll be no plan of an everyday post just yet.

Anyway, I won't bore you any longer. Let's start the comeback with something exciting...or not, depending on the mood and willingness to participate.

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It's time

I think it's time to finally face the obvious truth that I don't have much time to spare to write something in this journal, so as of today, this journal is officially in...

Indefinite HIATUS



What is LOVE concert?...(for me)

Let me start off with an honest feeling - I'm a little less excited to watch the concert, not because my fondness of the boys had decreased, but because I recently watch ARAFES 2013 (a few days ago) and didn't enjoy it as much as I did the previous one. Yes, this is despite Nino singing Himitsu with the four other members wearing mascot costumes and leader's "Take me Faraway". With the initial negative feeling, I hit the play button, and was blown away - from start to the end. Here is why...(in random)

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NOTE: you can use the gifs and screencaps, but not to claim as yours. Thanks.

stingy neener

A birthday treat for Nino-lovers


This was supposed to be an entry for Nino Icon Contest NIC at kiroii_niji, but since there was a lack of participants, I decided to just share the icons as a birthday post.


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